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Introduction to M101LD

M101LD is a highly compactible excipient. It is manufactured in tight standards, particularly during the hydrolysis step to achieve the narrow parameters.  The rigorous process would decrease the bulk density and reach specific particle form in the final Microcrystalline Cellulose powder.

These characteristics impart outstanding compactibility and provide greater tablet hardness.

The key to the outstanding compactibility of M101LD lies in their needle-like particle shape. The unique shape results in lower elastic recovery and more particle-to-particle entanglements that provide superior performance in tablet hardness.

The chart on the left displays the comparison between our regular M101 grade and the unique M101LD. Formulation which contains 70% API demonstrates high compactibility of M101LD. Tablets made with M101LD have around 70~80% increase of tablet hardness compared with those made with M101.

Because of the high compactibility, M101LD has higher dilution potential, which allows us to use less MCC in formulation to downsize tablets, or increase drug loading and meanwhile achieving the same hardness under the same compression force. It is also suitable for Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) and Multi Unit Particulate System (MUPS).

The unique M101LD grade displays equivalent or even better performance compared with other low density MCC grades in the market.